applying data driven strategies to the most important issues we face


360 Data Science℠, LLC is an analytic consulting firm specializing in the application of technology and quantitative methods that unlock the power of data to better meet the objectives of non-profit organizations. Our unique focus is helping mission-based groups to:

Increase Membership

Members are the lifeblood of any mission based organization. A key operational imperative is to identify those individuals in the community who share the same passion for your mission as you do. Accurate identification and efficient communication with members provides the largest return on your outreach efforts.

Recruit Volunteers

Make it easy for your members to get involved. Provide relevant, up to date information on volunteer opportunities. Track member involvement to identify the next generation of voluteer leaders. Recognize the contributions of time that your volunteers generously provide.

Expand Fundraising

Identify new donors. Recognize the individual donation history of each of your current donors. Provide the right message, at the right time, to the right donor that gives just the right incentive to bring them to the next level.

Evaluate New and Past Program Impact

Being able to clearly articulate the social impact of your programming is key; not only for securing on-going funding, but in order to effectively communicate the relevance of your organization. Effective program impact analysis depends on coherent up-front design to ensure accurate, clear impacts.

At 360 we believe that the function of all data is to feed an analytical framework (model). In turn, this framework should generate insights. No matter how complex, expensive, or contemporary, any information system is only as valuable as the quality of the decisions supported by the insights it produces. In other words, decision making is the ultimate test of the value of any information system.

Locations In Washington, DC and Chicago, IL