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360 Data Sciencesm is a relatively new firm but its founders have almost 50 years combined experience serving both leading non-profits and well known consumer brands. Today, we have combined forces and are focusing our experience and energy on serving mission-based organizations exclusively.

Check out our Clients page for a partial list of our principals’ current and past non profit clients.

Our Story

In 2014 Jim Maurer (360 Data Sciencesm CEO and Chief Data Scientist) was Group Vice President at Catalina Marketing. A pioneer in consumer loyalty programs, Catalina is a recognized leader in the development of digital marketing personalization using large scale transactional data. While doing some pro bono analytical work in the non profit sector, Jim noticed that digital marketing based on modern methods of data science and data analytics seemed out of reach for many non profit organizations. At the same time, it seemed clear that these were exactly the organizations who could benefit from these technologies the most. Though at the time responsible for all of Catalina's US Analytics, Jim resolved to find a way to apply the data analysis, IT, and digital marketing methods he had seen used so effectively in the for profit sector, to help meet the misson of non profit organizations. He started researching the sector and decided to take his career in a new direction, to find an approach that would make data science methods and big data technology easily accessible to the non profit sector.

At about that same time Jim re-connected with Thad Halcli. Both Thad and Jim spent their formative teenage years together in Springfield, Illinois. Thad is a long time veteran of one of the world’s largest media companies, Gannet (NYSE: GCI). Gannett operates over 200 media properties internationally and is often identified with their flagship brand, USA TODAY.

While at Gannett Thad, a digital native, had worked on many multi-channel media campaigns conducted for a variety of non profits and government agencies. On the commercial side, he has helped to launch the digital services cars.com, careerbuiler.com, shoplocal.com, and many others.

The collaboration that actually began many years ago in the garages, basements, school cafeterias and classrooms across Springfield has now resulted in an organization (360 Data Sciencesm LLC) dedicated to the goal of providing analytic insights that help the non profit sector work more effectively toward their humanitarian goals.

Locations In Washington, DC and Chicago, IL